Yellowed Skylight? You’ll never guess how easy it is to replace!

Clear skylights can create a sense of openness and natural lighting. That’s the main reason to have a skylight! Unfortunately many factory installed domes are made out of material that will yellow and become cloudy with age and UV exposure. This can cause the lighting benefits to be subpar, not to mention the ugly looking thing if you look up!

Simple fix! Get a replacement ICON Skylight dome to replace the old weathered one. It’s typically a pretty straightforward DIY replacement. We’ll give you a top level explanation on how to replace below.

You’ll need:

Skylight Installation:

Use the paint scraper to uncover the original sealant from the screw heads & remove the screws. Run the scraper underneath the edge of the flange to break the seal and remove the dome.

Clean off the old sealant using the rag and mineral spirits (or other cleaner approved by your roof manufacturer). Let the area dry of all cleaner before continuing.

Run a thick bead of sealant all the way around the perimeter of where the new skylight domes flange will be placed. Set the dome overtop and move it back and forward slightly. You should see some sealant come up through the screw holes to ensure proper alignment.

Insert the screws, tightening just enough to see some pressure on the flange. Do not overtighten as this can lead to cracking and it is simply not necessary to tighten all too much. Now, run another bead along the outside edge of the skylight flange, bringing a loop up to each screw.

Clean & Clear, New Skylight Domes

Clean & Clear, New Skylight Domes

That’s it! You now have a new skylight dome installed!

I can see clearly now the rain has gone that the skylight has been replaced!


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