Winnebago Skylight Domes

Winnebago Skylight Dome replacements, particularly for the older units, can be hard to find.

Thankfully, there are ICON replacements now available. The SL1627 is a popular Winnebago style.

The SL1627 Winnebago Skylight:

Winnebago Skylight

Note that this can be used on other units aside from Winnebago. However, it is designed to match a common Winnebago configuration. There are also other sizes available that may match your Winnebago as well. It’s always recommended that you compare the hole size to the dome. You may also need to consider the dome height, as internal domes sometimes extend past the roofline.

Need a Winnebago Skylight dome that doesn’t match ones we offer? Get a custom dome created through our creator program.

Other Winnebago Parts

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Winnebago Class A Fender Skirt – Panel Style

There are a number of other parts for Winnebago RV’s, as well as for their trailer brand Sunnybrook. You can see all of our Winnebago tagged skylights and fender skirts here.




6 Responses to “Winnebago Skylight Domes”

  1. larry hastings

    Need dome for my 34 Winnebago 18 1/4 by 21 1/8 top of dome Plus flange. The part number is 060507-01-000. Please get back with me thanks Larry

    • icondirect

      Hey Larry!

      In my experience winnebago domes are a bit differently shaped, so I may need to see this to be sure. We have domes that are slightly larger than what you’ve specified, so that may work – but I’d suggest you send a photo to of your part so we can see if it’s got a special contour.


  2. Abe Rosin

    I am looking for a skylight replacement for a Winnebago View. The cutout size is 19.7 by 27.5 inches. Do you have this size and if so what is the cost..


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