RV Fender Skirts on a 1999 Thor Citation, Before & After

RV Fender Skirts that are originally installed often become faded, cracked & worn out – just from normal use. Not to mention, tire blow outs & road debris also takes a toll. If you are looking to improve the look & value of your RV easily – look no further than a nice new set of fender skirts.

RV Fender Skirt: Before

Here is what a recent customers unit looked like before their new ICON RV Fender Skirt arrived:

Thor Citation Before RV Fender Replacement

Thor Citation Before RV Fender Replacement

Notice that it is Yellow with sun fading. Cracks have begun to spread from the mounting screws. It’s clear that this fender has been weathered on this ’99 Thor Citation. The owner thought so too & came to ICON to get a new part.

RV Fender Skirt: After

To brighten & modernize any unit – a new fender can do wonders. Take a look at the new unit below. The yellowing is gone & the whole side of the trailer looks brand new. All done with simply changing one part.

Thor Citation After RV Fender Replacement

Thor Citation After RV Fender Replacement

If you’re doing your own RV facelift by installing new ICON Replacement Fender Skirts – send us a before/after shot to show us how it turned out!

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6 Responses to “RV Fender Skirts on a 1999 Thor Citation, Before & After”

  1. Paul Maxcy

    Looking for lower body skirt 2001 thor citation 35.5 fifth wheel. Not the fender skirt, but the lower body skirt behind the wheel before the rear steps.
    thank you

    • admin

      The part you describe is often called “Panel Skirting” or “J-Wrap” due to the curve/radius that is often present at the bottom.

      We have a plastic generic replacement that would allow you to cut out any damage and replace it. Here it is:


      You would trim it to fit. You should also measure to make sure it will work in your application. Please let us know if you have any questions.

  2. Elizabeth

    Im looking for the Fender Skirts on a 1999 Thor Citation 29′ with right slide out 2 axel. RT n Lft side

  3. Garry

    Looking for replacement fender for 1999 Thor Citation Travel trailer. Exactly like the one pictured ubove


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