Replacement AC Shrouds

At Icon Direct we have the absolute best when it comes to replacement AC shrouds. They are created of high impact UV resistant material that is thicker and stronger then the original one from the factory. We pride ourselves in having the best customer service and shipping your products anywhere you need them for less then you might think. When you need replacement parts for your RV or trailer, come to Icon Direct. You won’t be sorry.

Penguin Dometic Duotherm Shroud - Black



2 Responses to “Replacement AC Shrouds”

  1. Joe Santori

    Could one of your universal replacement shrouds fit my Emerson Quiet Kool 1350? If so, do they come in white too? Please let me know either way. Thank you.

    • icondirect

      Hi Joe!,

      It’s possible that one could be made to work, though I can’t guarantee any one specifically. If you’d be able to take measurements of the original Emerson shroud and perhaps a photograph and send it to, we’d try and match you up as best we could.

      –Jordan Martindale


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