Daily Dealer of ICON Replacement Parts: Leisureland RV, Grand Forks ND

Leisureland RV of Grand Forks, North Dakota is a great place to get ICON Replacement parts. They will help you find the correct fitting fender skirt or holding tank. They will also get the part ordered & installed quickly. We’ve sent them some of our displays to help show their customers the parts that they can help with. Take a look at their shop set up below:

ICON Replacement Parts: RV Fender Skirts

ICON Replacement Part, RV Fender SKirt Sign

RV Fender Skirt Sign

ICON Replacement Part, RV Fender Skirts Panel

RV Fender Skirts Panel


ICON Replacement Parts: Holding Tanks

ICON Replacement Parts, RV Holding Tank Panel

RV Holding Tank Panel

Looking really nice guys!

Dealers are putting these displays up across the country. If you see one of these signs, you know they can help with ICON parts. If you need help locating a dealer, let us know.


Before & After, Yet another Makeover

If you’ve completely lost an RV Fender Skirt in your travels, you can be left with an ugly looking wheel well. The good news is that a brand new fender is just three steps away.

One customer has just sent us their before & after photos, showing how replacing that lost skirt with an ICON part really works:

Keystone RV Fender Skirt Repair

Keystone RV Fender Skirt Repair


RV Fender Skirts on a 1999 Thor Citation, Before & After

RV Fender Skirts that are originally installed often become faded, cracked & worn out – just from normal use. Not to mention, tire blow outs & road debris also takes a toll. If you are looking to improve the look & value of your RV easily – look no further than a nice new set of fender skirts.

RV Fender Skirt: Before

Here is what a recent customers unit looked like before their new ICON RV Fender Skirt arrived:

Thor Citation Before RV Fender Replacement

Thor Citation Before RV Fender Replacement

Notice that it is Yellow with sun fading. Cracks have begun to spread from the mounting screws. It’s clear that this fender has been weathered on this ’99 Thor Citation. The owner thought so too & came to ICON to get a new part.

RV Fender Skirt: After

To brighten & modernize any unit – a new fender can do wonders. Take a look at the new unit below. The yellowing is gone & the whole side of the trailer looks brand new. All done with simply changing one part.

Thor Citation After RV Fender Replacement

Thor Citation After RV Fender Replacement

If you’re doing your own RV facelift by installing new ICON Replacement Fender Skirts – send us a before/after shot to show us how it turned out!

Still looking for the perfect replacement? Try our new ‘Easy as 1-2-3 Lookup’ at www.LookUp-Our-Skirts.com.

Replacing an RV Waste Holding Tank – Black OR Grey Water

Having to replace an original holding tank can seem like a huge task, but for the ‘Do it yourself’ minded – it can often be a lot simpler than first thought. Here’s how it goes:

  1. You’ll want to measure out your original tank (and any extra area that would allow you to upgrade to a larger tank) to allow you to find an appropriate replacement. Planning out and ‘mapping’ your plumbing is also part of this initial step. Make note of drain location on the original tank and any extra fittings/components that you may require to hook up the new tank.

    HT175BED - Example Replacement Holding Tank

    HT175BED – Example Replacement Holding Tank

  2. Find a replacement. Comparing by dimensions, you’ll want to locate one that will fit in the area measured in step 1. You’ll also want to consider how you will be mounting the tank. Replacements have a 1.25″ flange for mounting with brackets or screws, so ensure you’ll have room for whichever method.
  3. Remove your old tank if you haven’t already. Typically it involves removal of some screws and/or sliding the tank out of “L” type brackets. You may need to cut out some plumbing fittings and pull out some of the pipes to help configure the new tank.
  4. Figure out where to install the intakes on the new tank by putting it into place temporarily and marking where the inputs should be cut. Precision is important here – measure/mark twice, cut once!
  5. Pull the holding tank back out and use a cup saw to drill the input holes. There is usually one input (2″  fitting or 3″ fitting) and a vent (1.5″ fitting) in most configurations. Install the fitting using an ABS Glue and allow time to cure.


    3″ Threaded Fitting

  6. While the tank is curing prepare all input plumbing to be installed in the tank (appropriate fittings, make sure they are cleaned and make certain you have glue ready).
  7. Place the tank back in & secure. Ensure the tank is lined up with all inputs. Use straps or banding to provide additional support to the belly of the tank.
  8. Connect all inputs with the appropriate fittings & glue. You’re done!


Daily Dealer – ICON Community RV Dealers

You may have seen our promotional signs that are available for sale to resellers of ICON products. We are now going to feature them in action, at local RV dealerships where you can purchase our replacements and accessories.

First up, Buds Trailer Center of Burton, Michigan.

ICON Sign at Buds Trailer Center, Burton MI

ICON Sign at Buds Trailer Center, Burton MI

They do great work, servicing ICON replacements such as Fender Skirts, Skylights and AC Shrouds.

We helped transform a 1978 Fleetwood Terry

Last year, we were asked to participate in a restoration project, “Project Terry”. The idea was – Take a vintage RV & modernize it with new components and features while still keeping that “Vintage”/”Classic” feel.

The project was put on by RV Magazine and got a number of components donated. Seeing as we have loads of RV Fender Skirts, with styles dating back to the ’70s, we donated a set of FS1790 Fender Skirts. You can read about the rest of the restoration work on the RV Magazine Website.

Before/After of the "Project Terry" 1978 Fleetwood Terry

Before/After of the “Project Terry” 1978 Fleetwood Terry

Installation of an ICON Skirt on the restored trailer

Installation of an ICON Skirt on the restored trailer

Back in December, we were able to take a peek at the whole unit at the RVIA National RV Show. The unit was slated to be Auctioned off & it sure looked spiffy! It also nabbed their Front Cover:

RV Magazine Cover

RV Magazine Cover

If you have any questions on our fender skirts, or are in need of parts for an RV restoration, let us know!

Fender Skirts – Before/After

Customers often tell us that they have replaced their old, busted rv fender skirt for our replacements & were pleasantly surprised by just how much of a difference that can make visually. Further to being told, we often get photos of damaged skirts and RV’s from customers.


 Rock damaged RV Skirt  Dutchmen Fender Broken

As you can see, a tire blow, thrown rock or collision can leave the fender looking pretty tattered and in pieces. We also get photos of brand new ICON Fender Skirts on installed on some RV units as well. It can make a HUGE improvement!


Brand New ICON RV Fender, Fleetwood 


If your RV is looking similar to the ones in the ‘before’ photos, find your replacement here: http://www.icondirect.com/lookup-our-skirts/