Is your RV rooftop parts ready for Spring?

Though winter isn’t officially over for quite some time, it is never too early to start thinking about getting the RV in ship shape.

Checking out the old RV rooftop parts before heading out should definitely be on your checklist. For one thing, squirrels and the like often make a home of RV AC units while they are stored. Beyond that, you should also be ensuring that all components are in travel ready condition. Original AC shrouds, skylights and vent covers do tend to start cracking over time.

RV Rooftop parts found here


Getting up top to do a preliminary check for damage can save you hassle down the road. Here are the more common rooftop components that could use a glance or two:

  • AC Shroud covers
  • Skylight domes
  • Vent covers
  • Plumbing & refrigerator vent covers
  • Check the rubber roofing for tears or cracks in the membrane
  • Satellite Dish

Keep your eye out for cracking around attachment screws or bolts. Parts that are sealed to the roof typically use a sealant that should not dry out and crack (such as a butyl rubber), but check around those parts to make sure there are no channels for water to leak in & cause further trouble.

Popular RV Rooftop Parts

You can find all of our popular rooftop replacement parts through our “Rooftop Replacements” category here:

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.



Huge Aliner Skylights

We have been expanding our selection of Skylight domes (especially on the larger end of the spectrum). Aliner Skylights tend to match that description, as shown here:

Aliner Skylights

Aliner Skylights

There are a number of skylight domes in stock that are suitable for Aliner Skylights or any RV. A handy table of the dome sizes is available here.  Most Aliner skylights are different from other RV skylights in that they are glued right onto the roof with no screws. They are also often much larger, going the full width of the ceiling. Here is a replacement we have that matches many Aliner “A-Frame Campers”:

That can also be used on other units as well (as long as the dome size matches). If you ever are needing a dome for your Aliner Skylights (or other RVs) and you can’t find an existing model (remember to measure correctly), we do have a custom skylight dome program.


Fender Skirt Material Makes a Difference!

Time and time again, I’m asked what makes ICON Replacement Fender Skirts so much better than the original parts.

The answer is simple: Material & UV protection.

Typical RVs are manufactured with tight budgets and often parts like the Fender Skirts aren’t given the attention that they deserve.

As a result, they end up looking pretty good as they roll off of the line… but not for much longer. Thin & lower quality materials mean that they can crack and chip far too easily. Even new units delivered to an RV Dealership can have ratty looking fender skirts. It takes just one small rock or piece of road debris to completely ruin the look of a brand new unit.

Rock damaged RV Skirt

Newer Fender Skirt Shattered by a Rock

Compounding that problem, they often are not properly protected from the elements – Namely, the Sun. After a couple of seasons (even just one in some cases!), a white part can begin to yellow badly. The part can become quite brittle along with that change in color.

Yellowed, Brittle Fender Skirt

Yellowed, Brittle Fender Skirt

ICON uses a high impact ABS plastic to produce our Replacement Fender Skirts. This material is much more forgiving than most originally installed parts. Once molded, the parts are always coated with a UV inhibitor. This keeps the part looking nice and durable for years to come.

4 Year Old ICON Replacement Fender Skirt

4 Year Old ICON Replacement Fender Skirt


Replacement Part Dimension Tables

Making it easy to find a Replacement Part

We’ve worked on making it easy to compare & reference our fender skirts by brand & now… We’ve done the same for referencing a replacement part by dimensions:

Replacement Part Dimension Tables

Fender Skirt Dimension Tables in Action


There are now 3 tables of all models, sortable by any of the 6 key dimensions on our measurement guide.

Single Axle          Tandem Axle          Triple Axle

This will allow you to easily sort all of our fenders by the overall height (C) or length (F). We’ve even done the same for our holding tanks.

We are really excited about providing all these neat tools, making it easier & faster to shop our selection.


Custom Skylight Dome

There’s a wide range of sizes when it comes to skylight domes. ICON has an existing selection of the more common sizes, but did you know that you can get one made to your specifications? You sure can! Much like our popular fender skirt creator, we will produce a excellent fitting replacement based on the original design.

Custom Skylight Dome Creation

How to measure up & order your Custom Skylight Dome

To start, measure your existing dome & compare to our existing selection. Then you can be sure we don’t already offer the size necessary. It’s often possible to just go larger on the replacement dome if there is nothing exact. Measure your dome & follow best practices. Contact us to help if you aren’t quite sure.

If you cannot find anything that will cover appropriately, take some photos of the existing dome. Putting a measuring tape  along the edges of the dome will allow us to confirm the geometry of the replacement. Also let us know the depth of the original dome at the deepest point. We can produce rectangular, square & neo-angle domes.

Our domes are produced in either clear, white or smoke. The photo will show us what your original one is & the replacement will be done accordingly.

RV Skylight Dome


Next, order our custom skylight dome & attach the photos to the order. If we have any questions or concerns we will contact you for clarification. If not, we will get to work on designing & producing the replacement dome. When the new parts are ready, you’ll get a shipment confirmation. The whole process takes around 8 weeks start to finish.

That’s it! I hope this post details how you can go about getting a custom skylight dome made. Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments.



Look what showed up this week! Our RV Parts Catalog!

RV Parts Catalog

Our 2015 RV parts Catalog has been in the works for a number of weeks now & it has finally been pulled off the press. We’ve printed several RV parts Catalogs over the years, but I must say – this is the sleekest yet. With over 50 new fender models, smoked skylights, skylight sealant and various other additions – this is our largest yet.

2015 RV Parts Catalog

2015 ICON RV Parts Catalog


Customers will have the option of adding this RV Parts Catalog to their orders in the coming weeks.

‘Find it Online’

One new thing we decided to do with this catalog is add a placeholder for fender skirts that are in development at the time of printing. We always have a new fender coming & this was a way to include them in the catalog. Soon after printing every part will be available on our Lookup tool,, so it tells you to go there for more info on that model. The listings on the catalog look like this:

Lookup-our-skirts, Find it online

Find it online!


You can get the printable .pdf version of the catalog online, here.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about our new catalog below.


Top 5 EASY RV Improvements

RV Improvements that anyone can do!

Getting the best mileage out of your older RV can seem like an uphill battle. There are some easy RV improvements that can modernize the look & operation in no time!

#1 New Fender Skirts

To easily improve the look of your RV, simply change out the sun faded & worn plastic parts like the Fender skirts.

RV Improvement With Fenders

#2 Propane Tank Covers

With todays new RV’s looking very sleek, rounding out every bit of your RV is necessary. Covering up your Propane tanks accomplishes a few things: Rounds out the bulky looking tanks, Protects the tanks/valves and increases aerodynamics.

RV Improvements: Propane Tank Cover

#3 New Skylight

Originally installed Skylights will yellow & crack with age. Improve the look AND prevent leakage with a newly installed dome. Update the look as well, by choosing a color that matches the unit & style. Options include Clear, Smoke & White.


#4 Larger Waste Tank

Waste water capacity is often a constraint when “Boondocking” or “Dry Camping”. A lot of RV’s come with smaller waste tanks, or none at all. Increase the RV’s utility by plumbing in a new, larger tank or a set of tanks for black & grey water.


#5 Storage Pod

Smaller RV or Camper? Get more storage using one of these:

RV Improvements: Storage Pod


Installation on a roof of an RV is straight forward & immediately increases the storage by 17 cubic feet.

So, using a few easy to install components, you can immediately increase the utility and value of your RV.


RV Body Parts Dealer Spotlight – El Toro RV

Our RV Body parts “Daily Dealer” is El Toro RV of Lake Forest, California. They’ve got a clear focus on excellent parts service. If you are in their area, ask them about the ICON fender skirts program & they will help you out.

RV Body Parts Desk

Swing by the RV parts desk at El Toro RV & ask about ICON Parts


RV Body Parts

Dealers of ICON RV body parts can help with the selection and installation of parts such as:

RV body part damage can really make your RV look old or ratty. It can also reduce your RV market value. Consider replacing those stressed & sun worn parts at your local dealer before selling or travelling.

As always, let us know if you have any questions about our dealers or body parts in the comments.


New Skylight Sealant, Specially Formulated

We now have a skylight sealant, specifically formulated for use with our ICON Skylight Domes. The sealant has been developed to work with our skylight domes and on any type of RV roof.

Tubes of the sealant are available on our website.

RV Skylight Sealant

RV Skylight Sealant


Using ICON Skylight Sealant

The sealant comes in a 10 Oz. Caulk tube, enough for your typical installation.

Other things you may need:

  • You will need a standard caulk gun to apply the sealant.
  • Rags & mineral spirits to clean the area.
  • Electric Drill with screw driver bits.

Remember to properly clean the area of old caulk before applying the new sealant.

For more information on the installation process, see this installation procedure. Please contact us if you need help with finding the correct skylight, or for more information on any of our parts.


Daily Dealer of ICON Replacement Parts: Leisureland RV, Grand Forks ND

Leisureland RV of Grand Forks, North Dakota is a great place to get ICON Replacement parts. They will help you find the correct fitting fender skirt or holding tank. They will also get the part ordered & installed quickly. We’ve sent them some of our displays to help show their customers the parts that they can help with. Take a look at their shop set up below:

ICON Replacement Parts: RV Fender Skirts

ICON Replacement Part, RV Fender SKirt Sign

RV Fender Skirt Sign

ICON Replacement Part, RV Fender Skirts Panel

RV Fender Skirts Panel


ICON Replacement Parts: Holding Tanks

ICON Replacement Parts, RV Holding Tank Panel

RV Holding Tank Panel

Looking really nice guys!

Dealers are putting these displays up across the country. If you see one of these signs, you know they can help with ICON parts. If you need help locating a dealer, let us know.