New RV Holding Tank Models

We have begun to expand on our RV holding tank category, adding 6 new models today. The sizing of the new tanks is based on tons of feedback from many of our aftermarket customers. These new tanks are longer and similar in dimension to commonly used tanks by trailer manufacturers. So going forward, finding the best fitting replacement will be easy as 1-2-3!

This is a small taste of the expansion we have planned in our rv holding tank category. There will be more new RV Holding Tanks added to our selection in the coming months.

Here are the RV Holding Tanks we’ve added this week:

New RV Holding Tank Models, February 2016

HT186 RV Holding TankHT186B RV Holding Tank

HT198 RV Holding Tank HT292 RV Holding Tank

HT147 RV Holding Tank HT150 RV Holding Tank


Click on any of the above images to see details on that model. Also, keep an eye out here and on our website for more new parts.



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