New Glendale Titanium Replacement Panels

Do you own a Glendale Titanium RV? If you do, then we can help you with that damaged fender panel. At Icon Direct we have a 52″ x 17″ x 3″ wrap under – Side Panel “J-Wrap for the Glendale Titanium unit. This J-Wrap panel is constructed of durable high-impact ABS Plastic. ┬áIf you have a RV panel that is damaged or is sun bleached, replace it today. Visit Icon Direct for more information on how to replace the panel or all the replacement parts that we have.

Glendale Panel Skirting (J-Wrap)


2 Responses to “New Glendale Titanium Replacement Panels”

  1. Robert Baker

    Broke one of the guide wires for bedroom slide. There are two for each side. Do you sell the steel cables?

    • icondirect

      Hey Robert, No we do not sell the slide cables. A local RV dealer would be your best bet on that, or look up the manufacturer of the slide system.


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