Fresh Water RV Tanks

Fresh Water RV Tanks are one of the most important components if you’re wanting all the amenities of home on your rv trip. If you don’t have one, or your existing one is leaking and causing trouble – ICON is here to help.

fresh water rv tanks

fresh water rv tanks


Durable Fresh Water RV Tanks

Have you ever taken a look at your originally installed water tank? If you have, you may have noticed that they are quite flimsy if taken out of the surrounding cabinetry – almost like a water bag. While that kind of quality can often be found with original parts, it is not found in an ICON replacement.

Rotomolded as a solid part, ICON Fresh Water RV Tanks are durable. Compared to many original tanks, ICON replacements are also much thicker. Tank assemblers spin fittings into the tank and pressure test it to ensure a water tight seal.

Fitments for all RVs

ICON product designers have designed the tanks with RVs in mind. Sizes of the tanks closely match common OEM industry specs. Furthermore, the tanks are available in different fitting configurations to make your plumbing easier. The outlets installed on our tanks are 1/2″ or 3/8″. While an industry standard 1 1/4″ boss is installed for a fill. Especially relevant if your application is quite particular: you can buy the tank without fittings and spin weld fittings to match your installation!

Finding the right fit

Most RVs have the fresh water tank located in a cabinet inside. However, some RV’s have the fresh water tank installed in ‘cage’ underneath the unit. Consult your user manual to determine the location of the tank. You will want to compare your existing tank to the options available, or consider how large of a space you have to work with.

You can find ICON fresh water rv tanks here. Also available is a sortable table of available models.

And as always, ICON Customer service is available on the website chat or by calling 1-888-362-4266.



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