Fleetwood Fender Skirts

ICON is your place to get Fleetwood Fender Skirts. We have the styles dating back to the early 90’s for brands such as Prowler, Mallard and Terry. If you have a newer brand like the Gearbox, Backpack and Orbit – no problem either, we still have you covered.

Fleetwood Fender Skirts

FS730 – Fleetwood Fender Skirts for a Fleetwood Mallard

Fleetwood RV was a large manufacturer of trailers & fifth wheels previous to 2010 when they refocused their efforts into Motorhome manufacturing. A number of high quality and well kept units still exist in the aftermarket today. Of course, as we all well know, some parts do wear out, such as the fender skirts. So if you are in need of a tandem axle fleetwood fender, take a look below. The ICON replacements are made of a stronger, more durable material – along with a UV protective coating.

It’s best to compare measurements to confirm a match, but typically you can narrow it down by looking at the style. We’ve written a post about finding the appropriate fender skirt using 3 simple steps. If you need help selecting a part, do not hesitate to contact us. Or even just leave a comment on this post.

ICON Fleetwood Fender Skirts

Fleetwood 5th Wheel Travel Trailer Fender Skirt FS730

Fleetwood Single Fender Skirt FS2148

Fleetwood Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer Fender Skirt FS2159

Fleetwood 5th Wheel Travel Trailer Fender Skirt FS1881

RV Skylight - NSL29

Fleetwood 5th Wheel Travel Trailer Fender Skirt  FS1771

Fleetwood Orbit Travel Trailer Fender Skirt FS1815

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If you can’t find a specific fender for your Fleetwood, we do also have a Custom Fender Skirt program. Provided a sample, we can produce a replacement to match your original part. As mentioned, if you have any difficulty finding the correct part – our customer service specialists are always pleased to help.


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