Fender Skirts – Before/After

Customers often tell us that they have replaced their old, busted rv fender skirt for our replacements & were pleasantly surprised by just how much of a difference that can make visually. Further to being told, we often get photos of damaged skirts and RV’s from customers.


 Rock damaged RV Skirt  Dutchmen Fender Broken

As you can see, a tire blow, thrown rock or collision can leave the fender looking pretty tattered and in pieces. We also get photos of brand new ICON Fender Skirts on installed on some RV units as well. It can make a HUGE improvement!


Brand New ICON RV Fender, Fleetwood 


If your RV is looking similar to the ones in the ‘before’ photos, find your replacement here: http://www.icondirect.com/lookup-our-skirts/


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