Fender Skirt Material Makes a Difference!

Time and time again, I’m asked what makes ICON Replacement Fender Skirts so much better than the original parts.

The answer is simple: Material & UV protection.

Typical RVs are manufactured with tight budgets and often parts like the Fender Skirts aren’t given the attention that they deserve.

As a result, they end up looking pretty good as they roll off of the line… but not for much longer. Thin & lower quality materials mean that they can crack and chip far too easily. Even new units delivered to an RV Dealership can have ratty looking fender skirts. It takes just one small rock or piece of road debris to completely ruin the look of a brand new unit.

Rock damaged RV Skirt

Newer Fender Skirt Shattered by a Rock

Compounding that problem, they often are not properly protected from the elements – Namely, the Sun. After a couple of seasons (even just one in some cases!), a white part can begin to yellow badly. The part can become quite brittle along with that change in color.

Yellowed, Brittle Fender Skirt

Yellowed, Brittle Fender Skirt

ICON uses a high impact ABS plastic to produce our Replacement Fender Skirts. This material is much more forgiving than most originally installed parts. Once molded, the parts are always coated with a UV inhibitor. This keeps the part looking nice and durable for years to come.

4 Year Old ICON Replacement Fender Skirt

4 Year Old ICON Replacement Fender Skirt


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  1. Gloria Garcia

    We damaged our new 2015 Cyclone 5th wheel on bottom side panel next to front door. Thia panel will most likely need replacement and if we can buy the panel, we can replace it ourselves saving some money. Where can we get this???


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