Custom Skylight Dome

There’s a wide range of sizes when it comes to skylight domes. ICON has an existing selection of the more common sizes, but did you know that you can get one made to your specifications? You sure can! Much like our popular fender skirt creator, we will produce a excellent fitting replacement based on the original design.

Custom Skylight Dome Creation

How to measure up & order your Custom Skylight Dome

To start, measure your existing dome & compare to our existing selection. Then you can be sure we don’t already offer the size necessary. It’s often possible to just go larger on the replacement dome if there is nothing exact. Measure your dome & follow best practices. Contact us to help if you aren’t quite sure.

If you cannot find anything that will cover appropriately, take some photos of the existing dome. Putting a measuring tape  along the edges of the dome will allow us to confirm the geometry of the replacement. Also let us know the depth of the original dome at the deepest point. We can produce rectangular, square & neo-angle domes.

Our domes are produced in either clear, white or smoke. The photo will show us what your original one is & the replacement will be done accordingly.

RV Skylight Dome


Next, order our custom skylight dome & attach the photos to the order. If we have any questions or concerns we will contact you for clarification. If not, we will get to work on designing & producing the replacement dome. When the new parts are ready, you’ll get a shipment confirmation. The whole process takes around 8 weeks start to finish.

That’s it! I hope this post details how you can go about getting a custom skylight dome made. Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments.



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