Looking For a Coleman AC Shroud? We Have Them!

Coleman AC’s are one of the better known brands of AC and heating units for RVs. They are a reliable unit that will help keep your RV cool on even the hottest days. If your Coleman ac shroud is broken, though, it can cause permanent damage to your unit. It might also cause some pain in your wallet when it comes to repairs! Protect your RV with a new Coleman AC shroud from Icon Direct. We offer replacement shrouds in black or white. You’ll be back on the road in no time! Order yours today.

Coleman AC Shroud – Features

Coleman AC Shroud

Coleman AC Shroud


  • UV protection
  • High Impact Polymer material
  • Closed construction protects the condenser
  • Side & rear ventilation
  • One size fits many – Fits most Coleman Mach units
  • Overtop installation, 4 bolt holes pre-drilled



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