Top 5 EASY RV Improvements

RV Improvements that anyone can do!

Getting the best mileage out of your older RV can seem like an uphill battle. There are some easy RV improvements that can modernize the look & operation in no time!

#1 New Fender Skirts

To easily improve the look of your RV, simply change out the sun faded & worn plastic parts like the Fender skirts.

RV Improvement With Fenders

#2 Propane Tank Covers

With todays new RV’s looking very sleek, rounding out every bit of your RV is necessary. Covering up your Propane tanks accomplishes a few things: Rounds out the bulky looking tanks, Protects the tanks/valves and increases aerodynamics.

RV Improvements: Propane Tank Cover

#3 New Skylight

Originally installed Skylights will yellow & crack with age. Improve the look AND prevent leakage with a newly installed dome. Update the look as well, by choosing a color that matches the unit & style. Options include Clear, Smoke & White.


#4 Larger Waste Tank

Waste water capacity is often a constraint when “Boondocking” or “Dry Camping”. A lot of RV’s come with smaller waste tanks, or none at all. Increase the RV’s utility by plumbing in a new, larger tank or a set of tanks for black & grey water.


#5 Storage Pod

Smaller RV or Camper? Get more storage using one of these:

RV Improvements: Storage Pod


Installation on a roof of an RV is straight forward & immediately increases the storage by 17 cubic feet.

So, using a few easy to install components, you can immediately increase the utility and value of your RV.


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