Custom Painted AeroShield

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Fresh Water RV Tanks

Fresh Water RV Tanks are one of the most important components if you’re wanting all the amenities of home on your rv trip. If you don’t have one, or your existing one is leaking and causing trouble – ICON is here to help.

fresh water rv tanks

fresh water rv tanks


Durable Fresh Water RV Tanks

Have you ever taken a look at your originally installed water tank? If you have, you may have noticed that they are quite flimsy if taken out of the surrounding cabinetry – almost like a water bag. While that kind of quality can often be found with original parts, it is not found in an ICON replacement.

Rotomolded as a solid part, ICON Fresh Water RV Tanks are durable. Compared to many original tanks, ICON replacements are also much thicker. Tank assemblers spin fittings into the tank and pressure test it to ensure a water tight seal.

Fitments for all RVs

ICON product designers have designed the tanks with RVs in mind. Sizes of the tanks closely match common OEM industry specs. Furthermore, the tanks are available in different fitting configurations to make your plumbing easier. The outlets installed on our tanks are 1/2″ or 3/8″. While an industry standard 1 1/4″ boss is installed for a fill. Especially relevant if your application is quite particular: you can buy the tank without fittings and spin weld fittings to match your installation!

Finding the right fit

Most RVs have the fresh water tank located in a cabinet inside. However, some RV’s have the fresh water tank installed in ‘cage’ underneath the unit. Consult your user manual to determine the location of the tank. You will want to compare your existing tank to the options available, or consider how large of a space you have to work with.

You can find ICON fresh water rv tanks here. Also available is a sortable table of available models.

And as always, ICON Customer service is available on the website chat or by calling 1-888-362-4266.



Black Water Tank – The design of a great waste tank

Black water holding tanks are a key aspect of boondock camping, or otherwise where sewer hookup is simply not available. A black water tank is designed to hold, and facilitate the draining, of solid and liquid wastes from a toilet.

Here at ICON, we took a look at what makes a useful and durable RV black water tank.

Black Water Tank Key Considerations

Holding Capacity

You want a black water tank that has an appropriate capacity for your use. Usually, the more people you expect to use the washroom in your RV, the more capacity you will need for waste. Conversely, if you aren’t expecting to use it much, a small tank may be appropriate to keep weight down and conserve space. Tanks provided by ICON come in a variety of sizes to make getting the right capacity easy.


If there’s one thing you absolutely don’t want, it’s a busted or leaking waste tank. At ICON, we take tank durability seriously. Holding tanks are constructed of high impact ABS, with solvent welded seams. By the time we are done, any seam or fitting has become one with the tank. That makes for a durable construction!


A tank has to slope towards a pre-designated point to be effective at draining. You want to be able to drain & flush the wastes out as effectively as possible. That’s why ICON has a variety of drain locations in their designs and channels embossed in the bottom to promote clean drainage & flushing.

Side Drain Black Water Tank

Side Drain Black Water Tank

Flexible Intake Position

The intakes are best installed according to where your plumbing goes through the floor. So having the flexibility to insert the intakes as necessary is crucial for an aftermarket replacement. The majority of ICON tanks have a flat top face, facilitating the installation of any intake or vent, anywhere on the tank!

Installed Intake Fittings

Installed Intake Fittings

Mounting Flanges

The tank must have a robust flange to help you mount it to the underside of your RV. That goes back to our solvent welded flanges. They are thick and robust for use in mounting the tank. You can use them to slide the whole tank onto a rail/angle iron, or you can pre-drill and mount with screws/bolts into the floorboards.


There you have it. Waste tanks are an important part of your plumbing in an RV and ICON has your back with the best tanks & accessories around.

Take a look at all ICON Black Water Tanks >>Click here.



New RV Holding Tank Models

We have begun to expand on our RV holding tank category, adding 6 new models today. The sizing of the new tanks is based on tons of feedback from many of our aftermarket customers. These new tanks are longer and similar in dimension to commonly used tanks by trailer manufacturers. So going forward, finding the best fitting replacement will be easy as 1-2-3!

This is a small taste of the expansion we have planned in our rv holding tank category. There will be more new RV Holding Tanks added to our selection in the coming months.

Here are the RV Holding Tanks we’ve added this week: Continue…


Fleetwood Fender Skirts

ICON is your place to get Fleetwood Fender Skirts. We have the styles dating back to the early 90’s for brands such as Prowler, Mallard and Terry. If you have a newer brand like the Gearbox, Backpack and Orbit – no problem either, we still have you covered.

Fleetwood Fender Skirts

FS730 – Fleetwood Fender Skirts for a Fleetwood Mallard

Fleetwood RV was a large manufacturer of trailers & fifth wheels previous to 2010 when they refocused their efforts into Motorhome manufacturing. A number of high quality and well kept units still exist in the aftermarket today. Of course, as we all well know, some parts do wear out, such as the fender skirts. So if you are in need of a tandem axle fleetwood fender, take a look below. The ICON replacements are made of a stronger, more durable material – along with a UV protective coating.

It’s best to compare measurements to confirm a match, but typically you can narrow it down by looking at the style. We’ve written a post about finding the appropriate fender skirt using 3 simple steps. If you need help selecting a part, do not hesitate to contact us. Or even just leave a comment on this post.



Winnebago Skylight Domes

Winnebago Skylight Dome replacements, particularly for the older units, can be hard to find.

Thankfully, there are ICON replacements now available. The SL1627 is a popular Winnebago style.

The SL1627 Winnebago Skylight:

Winnebago Skylight

Note that this can be used on other units aside from Winnebago. However, it is designed to match a common Winnebago configuration. There are also other sizes available that may match your Winnebago as well. It’s always recommended that you compare the hole size to the dome. You may also need to consider the dome height, as internal domes sometimes extend past the roofline.

Need a Winnebago Skylight dome that doesn’t match ones we offer? Get a custom dome created through our creator program.



Keystone RV Fender Skirt Replacements

ICON has Keystone RV Fender Skirt Replacements, Largest selection to match any brand of keystone RV. Cougar, Montana, Zeppelin, Bullet, Hideout – Just to name a few. Keystone is a familiar name to many who have owned RVs due to their production of many leading and unique brands. It may come as no surprise then, that there is a huge variety in the style and size of their fender skirts. This can sometimes make it an issue getting the correct part. This is where ICON Aftermarket Fender skirts come into play.

Selection is simple with ICON – all Keystone RV Fender skirts are tagged with “Keystone” and possibly other, more specific, brands. So a simple search at or will show them to you.

Keystone RV Fender Selection:

Keystone RV Fender

Keystone RV Fender Selection on

From there you should be able to narrow down the selection even further by comparing visually. Confirm based on dimension. Then you can place an order directly at or take the model/part number to your preferred RV Servicer.

With specific models designed to fit your Keystone RV, ICON RV Fender Skirts are also built to last. Our fenders are formed of High Impact ABS and coated with UV protection.



Jayco Fender Skirt Replacements

Jayco Fender Skirt replacements are among the top ICON products, largely due to the RV brands popularity.

If you have a Jayco RV and are needing a Jayco Fender Skirt, selection is really simple. There are a few widely used fender skirts and then a few that are used less often. We have replacements suitable for Jayco Eagles, Designers, Jay-Flights, Jay Feathers and Pinnacles. If you need a Jayco Fender, we’ve got it!

Jayco Fender Skirt FS700 is the most popular fender:

Jayco Fender Skirt - FS700

One of today’s most common Jayco Fender Replacement. Always confirm by measurement.

Other replacements can be found by searching our online store, or by searching our lookup tool, Confirmation by dimension should always be done, so take a look at the diagrams.

The original part is often quite damaged by UV. You’ll be surprised at how brittle the original parts become. Getting an ICON replacement with built in UV will improve the look and value of your RV for years to come.

Need help finding a Jayco Fender Skirt? Post your unit details in the comments & I’ll see what I can do to aid in your part search.



PS: We even produce other Jayco Plastic body parts. For example, here is a Jayco Jayfeather Corner Cap:

Jayco Travel Trailer Corner Cap

Jayco Travel Trailer Corner Cap



Yellowed Skylight? You’ll never guess how easy it is to replace!

Clear skylights can create a sense of openness and natural lighting. That’s the main reason to have a skylight! Unfortunately many factory installed domes are made out of material that will yellow and become cloudy with age and UV exposure. This can cause the lighting benefits to be subpar, not to mention the ugly looking thing if you look up!

Simple fix! Get a replacement ICON Skylight dome to replace the old weathered one. It’s typically a pretty straightforward DIY replacement. We’ll give you a top level explanation on how to replace below.

You’ll need:

Skylight Installation:

Use the paint scraper to uncover the original sealant from the screw heads & remove the screws. Run the scraper underneath the edge of the flange to break the seal and remove the dome.

Clean off the old sealant using the rag and mineral spirits (or other cleaner approved by your roof manufacturer). Let the area dry of all cleaner before continuing.

Run a thick bead of sealant all the way around the perimeter of where the new skylight domes flange will be placed. Set the dome overtop and move it back and forward slightly. You should see some sealant come up through the screw holes to ensure proper alignment.

Insert the screws, tightening just enough to see some pressure on the flange. Do not overtighten as this can lead to cracking and it is simply not necessary to tighten all too much. Now, run another bead along the outside edge of the skylight flange, bringing a loop up to each screw.

Clean & Clear, New Skylight Domes

Clean & Clear, New Skylight Domes

That’s it! You now have a new skylight dome installed!

I can see clearly now the rain has gone that the skylight has been replaced!